3 FREELANCING Tips For LINKEDIN that helped me to crack my first 1L+ deal on

linkedin for freelancers

Linkedin is a platform of opportunities and a chance to get the money pot at the end of the rainbow, for those who work for it. LinkedIn for freelancers is like butter on bread, or sugar in chai. It is a much-needed, mostly-underutilized and all because it is taken to be ‘just another job-hunting site’. … Read more

7 ACTIONABLE Tips For optimizing Linkedin profile- Be a Linkedin Poweruser

linkedin profile optimization

You might have noticed that when you use an external link on your LinkedIn post, you reach reduced tremendously. This is cause LinkedIn hates links that take you out of LinkedIn! But there is a workaround this, and I see a lot of people not using this workaround properly.  Learn more about optimizing your LinkedIn … Read more

3 Steps to perform advanced LinkedIn search Like a Pro | find RELEVANT people & posts

linkedin search

With 70+ million users, LinkedIn is now bigger than the combined population of the US, Indonesia, and Mexico.  In this huge continent of people, companies, and content, it is nearly-impossible to find: Specific people; Specific people working in specific fields; Specific people working in specific fields in specific companies; Specific people working in specific fields … Read more


copy writing for social media

Ever read such posts on LinkedIn?  If you have been active in the last few years and have been following some influencers, my bet is, you would have. There is an Indian marketer out there who is writing in exactly this style and selling courses to help you gain millions of views on your LinkedIn … Read more