Don’t let Social Media Consume You – Unleash The Creator Within

When I consult social media managers or content creators, I see one thing in common.

They’re online all the time, they’re using IG, FB, or similar social media apps for hours daily…

Yet, they’re unable to make content consistently.

I thought… What could be the issue, These are experienced people who have made content before and are known for their skills etc.

I then realized that these people sometimes get so much into the app that they’re just mindlessly scrolling the app and consuming a lot of “useful content”

Notice I said “useful” because they’re probably consuming content from people like Gary, Neil Patel, who are giving good advice in business, marketing etc.

But if you look at it, isn’t this a classic content consumer behavior?


You might find this content useful and a regular consumer would find a Netflix or series entertaining to him.

Now you’re no different than any content consumer. With too much knowledge, you’re causing overwhelm and you’re getting into a state of “Analysis – Paralysis” (Google the meaning up, don’t be lazy!)

But what if a person plans his content using a content planner on a weekend and starts off his day creating content then falling into the trap of consuming it…

As Tim Ferris says…

“Make before you manage”

Tim Ferris

You feel better when you create something instead of managing boring, everyday tasks like email and cleaning.

If you seek progress, create something!

I’m going to show you how to mindfully use social media and make a content calendar so you stay on track!

content consumer vs content creator

First, let’s know the science…

What is the classic “consumer behavior”?

Wake up and get on social media/use their phone.

Now you want to be a “High Achiever” so ask yourself, will a high achiever wake up and start scrolling through Instagram/Facebook?

To be a content creator, you have to stop behaving like a content consumer.

Instead of mindlessly browsing social media the first thing in the morning, why not make content?

According to research done by prof. Roy F. Baumeister, at Florida State University, Our willpower is susceptible to fatigue.

Therefore our willpower gradually degrades with time. Eg: People who are on a diet, would most likely break them in the evening because willpower goes off with time.

Which means, our willpower is high in the mornings.

Why not make use of this in making content?

Here are some tips to become a better content creator:

  1. Make it obvious that you’re a content creator, which means write down the habit you want to Create an Instagram post (meh).
  2. Be Intentional – “I will make an Instagram post as soon as I wake up before I get on social media”
  3. Give yourself  “social media usage” as a reward.
     “For every piece of content I create on Instagram/Social media, I earn 1H of usage” You can modify this according to your liking.
  4. Get an accountability partner/group for Insta/Linkedin, who can also double up as your engagement group (Yes, engagement groups still work!)
content consumer vs content creator

Now that you know the science, let’s make the process easy.

Second, let’s learn the process…

You see, a content calendar exists for a reason. A reason to simplify the job of putting out content. A content consumer would randomly put out content as and when they wish, but a content creator?

A content creator makes a content calendar and follows it.

When you wake up and find yourself in the tiring hustle of “What content to make today?” This is where your content calendar will come in handy. You take a glance at it and now you know what to talk about. Starting from a blank page is daunting, so make use of your ideas in the calendar.

I experiment with various templates from time to time and I’m currently liking this one by Katie Steckly: Instagram Content Calendar by Katie Steckly (File>Make a copy).

Watch this video to learn how to use it:

I couldn’t have explained it better than her.

Pro tip: Collect and place all your hashtags by creating the 3rd page in the template or else use the world’s best hashtag tool:

To end it:

If you’ve made it till here without losing your attention in between as any dopamine addicted person would do, I know you’re serious about this and I want you to take action!

First, watch the videos, use the template, and make an Instagram content calendar, show off your content calendar or help others make content calendars by posting in marketing FB groups. Get them to join your accountability group and share your experience after being consistent for week after week!

I wish you good luck.

You can reach out to the author @superminnu on Instagram.

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