How to use Email Marketing for Businesses

Marketing your products or services to your customers using email is called Email Marketing.

Now Businesses can reach their customers through Social media, Whatsapp and SMS then why email is required and what are the advantages. 

If you want to send an email to your friend you can simply go to Gmail or yahoo and send the email, but if Amazon wants to send emails to all the customers who order any product but do you think it is possible to do it manually?

No not possible.

Let’s see more examples

  • Sending an email when a customer places an order on Amazon.
  • Sending an email when you order food on Zomato / Swiggy.
  • Bank sends an email when you do a transaction.
  • Seth Godin sends you an email because you subscribed to his Newsletter.
  • Facebook sends you an email when someone sends you a friend request.
  • Canva sends me an email that my credit card is charged. 

Now let’s see the type of emails 

  • Nurturing emails – These are the emails you generally receive when you subscribe to a Newsletter of a business.
  • Transactional emails – You receive an email when you add an item to a cart and forget to check out.
  • An order confirmation email – You receive an email when you place an order Online.
  • New product Announcement emails – These are the emails you receive when you are already a customer of the business, Business will send you an email letting you know about the new product announcement.
  • Special Offer emails – A brand sends an email when it runs an offer.
  • Survey emails – Some brands send emails to get valuable feedback by asking their customers to fill the survey.

Are you able to visualize how you can use email marketing to grow your business?

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Let’s see some use cases about how you can use email marketing to get repeat customers.

email marketing examples

A Spa can send a mix of informational emails and promotional emails to existing customers for example if a Customer named Rita has availed Aromatherapy at your Spa, you may send her information emails about Aromatherapy and occasionally inviting her to your Spa to come back again or bring her friend and avail 30% Off.

email marketing by brands

Organic India can send a mix of informational emails and promotional emails to existing customers, for example, Rajesh has ordered ghee from Organic India can be sent informational emails talking about how ghee is good for health etc and also send promotional email about their other product in the same category like Sesame Oil.

how brands are using email marketing for business

Home centre can send emails about keeping the house tidy, organizing it and also send occasional product promotion emails. Trick her is to send emails based on their past purchases because when it comes to Art, choice varies. 

email examples

Let us say your Client has a Car accessories website, So there are high chances that a Customer who ordered some speakers may be interested in ordering some more, You can also spot more impulsive shoppers who purchased more than 2 times and keep sending a mix of information emails about keeping the car safe, tips for long journeys etc and occasionally sending them product promotion emails.

“Why this works is Marketing research says it is easy to sell to an existing customer than to acquire a new customer”

If you see the examples I have quoted they are service businesses and product businesses as well. 

You should not ignore email marketing if your Business has repeat customers, you can get in touch with me just WhatsApp me on 9390780927 or email me at

Note from the editors

Email marketing is an effective marketing strategy that uses email to promote the products of an online store to existing or potential customers.

Having an email campaign is not just about sending out regular newsletters to your audience, but it’s about sending the right content to the right people at the right time.

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