8 key learning from managing 30 lacs worth of spend on Facebook ads in 3 months

Also,​ ​Gaurav Madaan​ played a significant role in generating a good ROI for our Client. His teachings are gold.

Ah, Facebook Ads, more you do it, more you spend on it, the more it gives it back to you (fact).

So, here are some of my learnings and lessons (please be informed that these learnings and lessons are from my experience, it worked for me, can work for you due to applied on multiple campaigns. It is always recommended to test and see what works for you, scale that shit up when you find a winner):

Client is in Educational Space (one of the biggest in Bengaluru).

So, we will go from ad level – Campaign Level

1 Minute Videos with A Guy Speaking with Subtitles Included were Game Changers (Ad Level) :

This is huge, captures attention. We have tested 2 times, worked like charm, this helped in generating more engagement/shares/Unique Landing Page Views and Lead Signups, make sure you try this!

Calling Out the Audience Worked for Us

When you call out your target audience in your ‘ad copy’ it catches their attention. They know, it is for them. they pay attention and when you create this hook for them, the rest of the copy does the magic for you!

Make Sure You are Using UTM Parameters :

Source: Buffer

Your Facebook Pixel is inefficient. It doesn’t record all the conversions/leads/purchases/ etc. make sure you have UTM Parameters built up via google url builder (A GA Service) which will help you see the real numbers. (to see your numbers, go to GA > Campaigns > your tracked campaigns with numbers will be showcased), it becomes easy to differentiate between working adsets and a holistic picture is drawn.

Your Retargeting Ad Copy Needs to be A Retargeting Ad Copy :

This is important, it worked for us, never ever use the same copy in your retargeting ad, it will cause some level of ad fatigue, always customize your message for your retargeting audience which can be converted!

When It Comes to Outside Fb Activities, Take Your Leads to A Fb Group and Send an Automated Email (We Tried This, It Worked like Charm) :

Yeah, you got the drill, always keep an automated email ready to be sent once someone fills up the form, buys something etc, this will one, help you to get a foot in and increase recall value of your brand. also, keep a facebook group link ready in emails and on Thank You Page after they have completed your desire action from an ad!

Now comes the ad-set level :

Testing with Multiple Placements :

One, you can allow Facebook to optimize and check up which placement works for you, or you can check it up in the reports by choosing ‘breakdown’ > delivery > placements. scale up with the one working best for you.

Of course, Choose the Targeting Wisely

You have to test multiple targeting options, either by separately creating adsets or choosing A/B Split test at the starting and testing while creating the ad to know the best adsets, better to duplicate and test. of course, don’t forget to narrow down (sometimes broad targeting can show wonders too as CBO has kicked in and now FB is in control of budgets and more automation related to targeting)

pro tip : use connectio for insane targeting options which are available other than facebook’s own engine!

Higher Budgets = More Free Space for Fb to Find Better Audience

I would suggest you to always work with clients who have higher budgets, more money you put in fb, It will optimize the campaigns better for you and will optimize the target audience from the pool of audience you have set the number in ad-set level.

Yeah, there are more : use CBO now (test with ad-set too, worked good for us in 1 campaign), till fb makes CBO Default.

There’s one more thing which we are going to implement which we didn’t (learned it from Gaurav Madaan) was checking the attribution model in FB ads and setting up automated scripts (we will do this now)!

Automated scripts will make it easier for you!

Attribution will help you to see which traffic sources actually bought in conversions and help you to increase your budgets there. It will also help you to see the journey of an individual before buying.

So yeah, this is what we did for 30 lacs, still less but this is what worked, PROFITABLY, with Good ROAS!

Thank You for your Attention!

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