21 Most Common Mistakes to Avoid in FB Ecommerce Ads

1. Treating all the stores alike and follow the same strategy across.

2. Lacks knowledge of Facebook Pixel.

3. People do not implement much Facebook Analytics

4. Try to figure out the hack instead of following marketing principals.

5. Marketers do not focus much on creative and copyrighting.

6. Do not use funnels. TOF, MOF and BOF.

7. Using Facebook ads in silos. One can complement the Facebook ads through email marketing and other paid channels remarketing.

8. Facebook have started focus upon on user experience. If landing page is not good, your cost will rise and conversion will also be down. Your role in not limited to just ads. The client site has to be properly audited.

9. People lacks in tracking basics and FB Attribution models.

10. Do not follow any structured reporting formats.

11. Do not run ads based on different customer personas and ignore the customer journey.

12. Ignore the power of catalogue ads in ecommerce.

13. Do not use exclusions of audience wherever is applicable .FB can offer you hundreds of your useful audience.

14. Do not dive deep in to the data insights and fail to see a pattern.

15. Do not have structure of target metrics on weekly, daily and monthly basis.

16. Scaling is an art that comes with experience. It is difficult to replicate in couple of months.

17. Every brand has a different customer. Success stories and crazy ROAS Case study’s might not be applicable for you. Ignore them.

18. Facebook ads are easy. Yes, they are! Everybody run them, so what else do you know. So getting in to FB ads are tough, if you know the same thing that thousands of marketers already know.

19. They do not use Google Analytics and ignore multiple channel journey.

20. Try to work with different industry verticals initially to learn better.

21. Stop making assumption that one technique will be applicable to all type of clients. Keep testing new features.

I follow this mantra “LEARN-EXCEUTE-OPTIMIZE”. Ignore the above mistakes and you will end up

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