43 Tips To Become An Funnel Marketing Expert In India

Want to become a funnel marketing expert?

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But before you deep dive into these actionable tips, let’s first understand the structure of this blog post.

Here it is.

  • First 23 points are all about Do’s and Don’ts In Funnel Marketing
  • Next 15 points are going to be super useful for you if you want to apply the funnel marketing in India.
  • Last 5 points are funnel secrets that I’ve used over the years

Section 1

Do’s and Don’ts of the funnel marketing

  1. Concentrate on your Copy, not on the design
  2. Offer stacking is Life of a Funnel, not your Figures
  3. Funnel differentiation exists, each purpose should have each Funnel model
  4. Yes, Funnel is a Strategy. It’s not like Website Building
  5. Always have 2 Upsells, it works and doesn’t oversell, it can create havoc in the customer’s mind
  6. Your Funnel Fuels up when your Hooks, i.e lead magnet, is addressing your customer Solution Statement not when its a Problem Statement
  7. Generally, You Build a Funnel to get leads and have 4 Funnels ready with you anytime to test. Don’t wait for results to push in; it can kill the buzz.
  8. Funnels for Ecom are quite lucrative not when we sell too many with the same products but when we add complementary products.
  9. Keep the funnel clean, don’t pump in colours. Use logo colours for better results
  10. Please keep the same format and look for the alignment, if you don’t have graphics? It’s ok!! until you reach out your msg to your audience
  11. Webinar Funnels are not just for registrations post that the automation must happen with the Funnel.
  12. Create Goals in Google Analytics before you start to do funnel sales. This helps us know the percentage of upsells, downsells and order bumps. Don’t track ad goals for right results.
  13. Downsell should be an addon where 90% of your customers should say yes. Ensure it is the core part when your upsell is rejected.
  14. An order bump is a little gift you give to yourself. Ensure you keep it wherever possible, it means on the sales page and upsells pages.
  15. SEO for Funnels are equally important as we do for websites
  16. Websites will not be required, if you are confident about having a subdomain for each funnel and sell products
  17. Funnels are for “more” nothing “less” so give more and get more. This refers to the value in terms of product because the funnel is your salesman.
  18. If you sell offline, you have to give pitch, offers, bonuses, discounts, upsells, cross-sell, downsell and all that should be mandatory in your Funnel 
  19. Funnel experience sucks when a customer has to pass on a tougher payment gateway.
  20. Email automation on Funnel is a mandate for every step of the funnel and doesn’t send multiple emails to welcome, register and offer. Keep it based on order, simple and easy.
  21. Tracking is mandated on Funnel to retarget. Don’t forget.
  22. Affiliate marketing products go crazy on Funnels.
  23. Testimonial videos and write-ups on funnel can push huge sales on the funnel.

Section 2

Funnels in India

  1. People hate long sales pages in India.
  2. Don’t talk in dollars and confuse. They are happy with our currency.
  3. Putting a customer service number on your order form helps to close deals in India, as they feel comfortable clarifying doubts before purchase. FAQ for them on the funnel is “Can I call?”
  4. Add a Chatbot and answer them whenever possible. Even after your bot does, don’t ignore this.
  5. Funnels in India needs time to adapt not for the digital enthusiasts but for the common man
  6. Businessmen in India are not trying funnels its a huge market to tap
  7. Ecom funnels in India is a big hit for fashion and jewellery.
  8. Don’t talk about 6 figures. Here people find it spammy. Sometimes even your friends may look at you as if you have stolen the money (Just kidding but true.)
  9. Webinar Funnels in India work better than Sales Funnels.
  10. Sales funnel is – clicking an ad copy, see a headline and make the payment. 
    There is no journey of the funnel, which we need to make people understand.
  11. Have a UPI payment option on Funnel order form.
  12. People In India love video on the funnel, so put it right thereafter your Headline
  13. RIP for Making money from home keywords, ensure your funnel does not rank for this because this is misused at the start of funnels.
  14. Youtube channel and Influencer marketing help customers get traffic on funnels. I found them as better sources than any other, by experience.
  15. Lesser price course sales funnels work in India. Not when the course is 10k or above the product at least on the first page should be below 10k.

Finally please keep implementing various strategies on your Funnel, keep working on your offer or copy when required to make the funnels work. Always do A/ B testing before launching a Funnel.

Section 3

Funnel Tricks I used:

  1. Digital + physical product is a hit any time
  2. Tell others’ stories on the sales page
  3. Remarking funnel should be different from the main funnel
  4. Please keep your prices low at the start and increase gradually
  5. Give a product/service at a huge discount or almost free before you deliver your main product.

That’s all.

Maybe you haven’t read such a straight forward article ever before but I hope You’ve got some value from this.

Please let me know your thoughts and share your favourite tips from this blog post in the comment section.


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