Understnding Google ads life cycle is pretty important, especially for PPC advertisement.

But before we dive right into it let’s begin with some PPC basics.

PPC, one-of-the marketing channel in Digital Marketing, where advertisers pay a given amount when a user clicks on the ads displayed online, hence the name “Pay-per-Click” or “Cost-per-Click.”

Many do refer PPC with Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) too, since Google AdWords is one-of-its extensive platform to execute PPC practices in the best way.

Today the same PPC concept is not only related with Search Engine implementations, but also with Social Media & 3rd Party. So PPC advertisement is no more to 1 type, but 3 different levels:

  • Search Engine Level: Using Google Ads, Bing Ads
  • Social Media Level: Using Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads, Pinterest Ads
  • 3rd Party Platforms Level: Using Quora Ads, Amazon Ads etc.,

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While considering Google Ads as the father of any PPC Advertisement; if you’re thorough with Google Ads, you can confidently understand and execute PPC campaigns for any other platforms, just that you have to abide by their guidelines algorithms, and best practices.

Let’s jump in Google AdWords.
When with PPC Google AdWords, it’s important to know the Google Ads Lifecycle so that you don’t get confused nor miss out any dots while continuing in this PPC journey. 

Below is the Google Ads Lifecycle divided into 3 phases while each phase having its own importance in the PPC Funnel success;

  • Phase 1: Steps involved for successful campaign organization 
  • Phase 2: Steps involved for successful Account set-up 
  • Phase 3: Steps involved in successful Campaign Management & Results

Google Ads Life-cycle

Phase 1
(Keep Work Ready)

Phase 2
(Keep Setup Ready)

Phase 3
(Managing Campaign)

Client Discussion – Collecting All Information

AdWords Account Setup

Campaign Management

Website Analysis & Auditing

Google AdWords Express Setup

Bid Management

Competitor Analysis

Billing Setup

Analysis & Optimization

Landing Page Creation (More Conversions)

Google AdWords Expert Mode Setup

PPC Reproting

Campaign Structuring

Linking AdWords With Google Webmaster / Google Search Console, YouTube & Google Analytics

3rd Party Tool Support Including Google Analytics, Google Search Console & SEMRush

Keyword Research

Conversion Tracking Code Setup

Google Ads Certification Completion

Keyword Match Type

Campaign Network Setup: Search, Display, Video, Shopping, App


AdCopy Creation

Additional Targeting – Remarketing (Search, Display, Video Or Shopping & App Too)


Ad Extensions


PPC Metrics


Quality Score


Quality Score Results Conclude Success Of Phase 1 Completion

All Data Capturing Concludes Success Of Phase 2

Achieving Traffic Or Conversion Goals Concludes Success Of Phase 3

When followed in the same step-by-step phase sequence, can yield you best results while maintain the quality of work;

Explaining Phase 1:

Following the steps from clients discussion to website & competitor analysis for, helping in research & finalization of your campaign structure around relevant Keywords & Ad copies, should be the objective of Phase 1. 

It’s the quality score of your keyword that would determine the successful work carried out for Phase 1 level, later on.

Explaining Phase 2:

In phase 2 level, it’s all about setting up account, linking 3rd party tools with adwords, different tracking code setup with different campaign network creation that would determine the success of your Phase 2 level completion.

There are different data, audience listing and setups that should be well taken care in this phase 2 level, to well support your campaign strategy and deliverables.

Explaining Phase 3:

Managing your campaign settings accurately, optimizing bids strategically, analyzing either campaign, adgroups, keywords & adcopies performance while referring various other reports in Google AdWords should be the focus of Phase 3 level. 

It’s the no. of conversions or traffic around the targeted CPA or CPC within a defined budget that would speak out the success of your Phase 3 level.

So any individual, who is taking up this journey in PPC; follow this sequence of phases while implementing every checklist accurately to develop a better PPC performance at an initial level.

With time, you will learn multiple steps & strategies to perform at a very advance level too, but keeping this lifecycle in mind, you will always be in sync with your implementations.

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