How To Get Clients Using Social Media Without Spending A Single Penny

plan for getting clients

Most of the time, in the online business arena we fail due to the lack of a proper system in place.

Businesses work more on a system rather than emotions. 

So, this system is known popularly as AGENCY SPEEDO SELLING SYSTEM

Which helps to get prospects from different platforms and then qualify them through a landing page with a qualifying video and if the person qualifies that and wants to know more about the solution he will Book a 30 min Discovery Call.

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And, in the Discovery Call, you will understand his business and provide him with an offering to rectify his sales process and build a kickass converting sales process for his business.

After that you will follow up with him and close the client and then you will build the sales process for him and then sell him your next service.



get clients using facebook
  1. Post in groups and give a freebie and say people to comment and you will DM them and you get qualified prospects from there
post content to get leads
  1. Use the Search Box Hack Technique
facebook search box hack
  1. Use the Facebook Paid Ads Marketing Formula


Go to BuzzSumo and find the most trending topic or go to and find the pain points and make a video around it.

Now run that Video for VIdeo Views


Now, whoever watched above 50 % of the video and are aware about your brand run conversion ads with your offering and how it can help them to reach the next level.

WARM AUDIENCE :-All those who have visited the landing page but didn’t convert run retargeting campaigns with super targeted messages

get clients using Instagram



Location Based Targeting is a way to find and collaborate with potential prospects.Anywhere any networking event happens just plug in the place and you can network with all like minded people with just a click.


instagram search bar

Search and hashtag based targeting is a great way to find your dream prospects by just researching and figuring out what your prospects are using and then connecting with them and doing outbound reach.

using linkedIn to get clients


linkedin search bar hacks
linkedIn connections

Try to join as many groups as possible and then you can easily network with as many people as possible without any tension of 2nd degree or 3 rd Degree Connections.

And, as we all know Network is Net Worth


qualifying leads

Use this formula to prepare a perfect video sales script which will qualify and bring potential prospects to the discovery call.


convert leads

In the discovery call use a simple technique which I learnt from my business partners 


Try to take as much information as possible and try to know about the business as much as you can after that and offer a possible solution to increase the business from its desired solution and then disclose your charges.


The most important part is the close part where you need to follow up with the clients through emails, through messages, through calls and clear all of their objections before they sign a deal with you. 

Remember, people like to do the business with the people they trust.

Built, a kick ass system in place which will help the client to trust your expertise and close them easily.


customer retention

Once the service is completed try to upsell them to a different service and retain them through different services, this will increase your profitability in the long run.

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