4 tips to nail your product descriptions on their head like a boss

Product descriptions are one of the last things customers read before making a buying decision.

So it’s very important to write them properly so as to convert that browser that you got on your website with those marketing dollars into a buyer.

Let’s get right into it.

1. Make descriptions fun!

Boring product descriptions is a sin for a good copywriter.

Humor makes the consumer lower his guard and makes him or her take the buying decisions more quickly.

Humour makes a consumer feel safe.

Make them laugh and take their money.

I recently had a client who asked me to write a product description for an iPhone cover.

How I wish it was a client who asked me to write for the iPhone itself.

Someday sure but till that day arrives, let’s come back to this iPhone cover 

It had this feature that said that it gathers no fingerprints.

Here’s how I poured in some humor in the product description.


The Crysler case surface does not hold any fingerprints. So if this phone is found at a crime scene, the forensic department won’t be able to find any fingerprints on it. And you could get away with murder“

You say yourself murdering someone right now, didn’t you?

2. Tell stories

Mini stories to be more specific.

Let’s say you are selling bedsheets.

You can have a sentence in the product description as follows.

EVERYTHING changed when she started using high-quality bed sheets from Fairysheets. 

• The bedsheets were not shrinking even after 50 washes!

• The colors were super vibrant just like the first day

• 100% cotton made it very durable and comfy

• Finally, she could get time for herself as it was crease-free without ironing

Furthermore, her friend Ritu and her relatives complimented her while secretly feeling jealous of her and wishing they could have those bedsheets too.

See how Ritu being jealous is a story being told which probably made you smile and you will remember this for years to come.

Credits to Krishna Aurora for this bedsheet product description by the way.

3. SEO optimized

Why lose on that free organic traffic?

This needs a unique detailed product description.

Basically, you have to research the exact words the customers are googling.

For example, “Best gift for bodybuilders” and “Best gift for ironhead gym addicts” are going to give different search results.

The keyword here is “ironhead” which is used by someone who talks a lot to gym addicts.

This is just an example here so take it with a pinch of salt.

You can find these keywords that your target audience uses on discussion forums and in the comments section of youtube and last but not least, Reddit.

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4. Adding the tone of the brand

What’s a copywriter’s worst nightmare?

Writing a product description and forwarding them to the client only for the client to reject them saying “It’s not aligned with the brand’s tone!”

As a copywriter, it can be a tough choice to make the copy aligned towards sales and not have too much of the brand’s voice.

But sometimes the clients insist and it becomes difficult to come up with the brand’s voice.

What’s worse?

The client is unable to explain when he or says “the brand’s voice.”


Where do you find it?

Instagram captions.

Any product or service today has an Instagram page and has captions that are very much aligned with the brand’s voice.

You can easily find words that resonate with the brand’s tone.

Pro tip: Check out competitions’ Instagram captions for more inspiration.

Apart from the ones I mentioned above you have to take care of the basics like scarcity, urgency, USP, etc. 

The points are add ons to an already good copy.

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