The New Normal With Marketing Automation [Smart solution to automate your repetitive tasks]

I’m damn sure that you are into the digital marketing game if you are reading this magazine.

Since marketers are reaching their audience on multiple platforms like search engines, social media, messengers, emails, and many more they need to plan, analyze, strategize more than before.

Because every platform works in a different way. To get the most of the campaign, they need to use multiple online applications in order to monitor, schedule, plan, and extract data on various tools.

It wouldn’t give me a shock that “On average marketers are using 31 tools to manage campaigns and data” found on this (source). Because my marketing team is using way more online tools (applications) to make sure every campaign meets its success metrics.

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Marketing tools are a boom since it gives us the required to travel in the proper direction in this digital ocean, but sometimes it’s a boon for marketers that they have to dwell more time and effort on collecting, extracting and organizing the data on various online tools.

It makes them spend more time on manual repetitive tasks which leads to error-risk and frustrating jobs to handle.

Have you ever feel the same?

● OMG! I got another appointment scheduled. Log in to the management application and note the details,
● Here comes another invoice request, now I can spend another 20-30 mins to prepare them again (and this is 4th time in a day),

● Huff, It’s a subscription request. Collect the details and add them to my CRM (Oops, I forgot to include them in my SMS campaign tool),
● Now I got a new email on the slack channel. Gotta login to my CRM, email automation, and Bitly applications to copy the short URL —> send them to my newly gained email subscriber (Did I copy the updated short URL? NVM).

image of marketing automation

How can you avoid doing manual, repetitive, time-hunching, boring daily tasks?

Just avoiding them will not be a perfect choice, because they are one of the main drivers of your business or career. So, most of us will be in a situation where we don’t want to do it again and can’t avoid that either.

Why don’t you automate them?

Yes, you read that right? Automation of these daily jobs can make you save more time, money, effort and it is error-free as well.

Don’t you want to shakedown the low hanging fruit (automation) to get the solution for your problem?

Ahhh! I forgot that many people are thinking that automation can be achieved by coding and it is complicated to achieve!

Well, that is the most important myth that we need to break from this moment. Automation can be achieved, mainly marketing automation can be achieved in simple ways so that you don’t have to spend your time and efforts on the same tasks over and over again.

Here is what people responded to a survey on marketing automation benefits:-

Did you notice how many people feel that automating marketing activities can generate leads and retain consumers for their business?

From collecting the lead to transfer the consumer data to multiple applications like CRM, spreadsheets, autoresponders, and community management tools automation can be done by simple and easy methods.

Check this new way of marketing automation tool can make your workload form tonne to none in a short youtube video: How it’s Done in Automate Apps
This is one use case that you can achieve the automation using an amazing automation platform called “KonnectzIT
You can automate various scenarios and visually connect builders in this new automation tool can help you to connect and visualize the automation process before publishing the workflow.

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