Meme Marketing: Speak the Language Your Audience Understands

Memes can be a really powerful medium to share your message across social media, we all know that. But many people still don’t use them because they’re afraid if it’ll affect the PROFESSIONALISM of their brand.

Absolutely not. Talk about professionalism, I’ve seen brands doing it on LinkedIn, leave about Facebook, or Instagram. Popular brands who Leverage Meme Marketing, Netflix, GUCCI, Bewakoof, Fashion Nova.

The World of Meme - Meme Marketing

I’ve been creating memes for some time now and it’s not strange that people know me more as a memer than a marketer.

There’s something special about memes that make it share-worthy and get a crazy amount of engagement.

Reasons why Memes are so effective

From the marketing side of things here are some reasons I personally find them to be effective:

  • People already know the emotion inside a meme as they might’ve already come across the template earlier, so conveying your message becomes a hell lot easier.
  • They come to social media to escape from their work and spend some fun time. With a meme, you can give them that while also letting them know about your brand.
  • The shareability potential is extremely high, even the worst algorithms cannot stop them from getting the organic reach.
  • Humorous and funny brand memes give the audience a comfy feeling that luxurious and expensive ads can never do.
  • The templates are FREE, so you can create unlimited memes without worrying about the raw material.
  • It consumes very less time.

Tools you can use to create memes

Pro Tip: Use to understand the emotion of a meme.

This will help you to choose the appropriate meme template to convey your message.