5 Reasons Why Copywriting Sells

What Copywriting does?

Copywriting is the creative force behind marketing campaigns.

Besides, more often than not, it is also a driver behind the successful commercial journey of a product or service. Quite simply, copywriting is the process of creating promotional content for the advertising and marketing of a product or service. The content itself is often referred to as ‘copy’.

The nature of the job and the sheer artistry involved in it makes copywriting arguably the most charismatic job profile in the advertising world.

Copywriting has surfaced and largely evolved in the 20th century and has since left its imprint in iconic advertising campaigns across the world.

Marketing without Copywriting

For every easily recognizable brand and business, people undervalue the impact and importance of copywriting and advertising.

However, the importance of copywriting goes beyond brand visibility.

Without good copies, your brand is unlikely to reach its target audience, and the whole marketing campaign may get misdirected. The intended message that you want to pass across to your target audience may not be adequately conveyed.

In a world without copywriting, the intrigue of the customers towards the brands will not be raised. The Unique Selling Point (USP) of the brand will not be established among the customer base. The brand will struggle to stay relevant and maintain its recall among the consumers.

Such businesses will struggle for market share against their competitors instead of surpassing them.

On the other hand, brands that regularly churn out good copies will gain a distinct mileage over its competitors. In addition, to look into how copywriting makes a difference, we need to look at the impact it can have on such businesses.

Why Copywriting Sells

While there could be numerous ways how copywriting makes a difference to a business and makes its products sell, we feature five prominent ones among them.

Makes your presence felt – A good copy gives an identity to a brand just as fame makes a celebrity out of a regular person.

A good copy gives an identity to a brand

Copywriting can catapult ‘just another brand’ to an instantly recognizable superstardom.

Moreover, it is equally effective in helping a new entrant to challenge a competitive market.

When ITC launched Bingo packaged snacks in 2007, the Rs 4,000-5,000 crore industry was highly disorganized. Lays controlled 77% of the Rs 2,000 crore organized market. Its campaign saw a confusing yet catchy, serious yet funny series of commercials backed with the punchline, “No Confusion Great Combination”.

Thanks to its early investment in its copywriting war room followed by an aggressive campaign, this Rs 2,500 crore brand has definitely made its presence felt.

Engages your consumers – Good copywriting can talk to the audience and make a difference in their preference and decision making.

It does so by building an aura of positivity and influencing the perception of the consumer. It interacts with the customers and remains insightful about their expectations.

This helps copywriting to bring a customer’s perspective on the product.

For instance, rather than stating the fact as with “Our popcorn comes in spicy flavours”, something like “Spice up your cricket match with our popcorn” gives a more personal angle.

In this case, it brings in the utility aspect of the product and associates itself with a popular pastime.

Creates a Need – It is worth remembering that buying a product is not always necessary for a person.

However, result-oriented copies can convert a product into a must-buy for the target audience.

A good copywriting exercise can effectively traverse the phases of awareness, interest, desire, and action.

Popularly known as the AIDA model, a customer goes through in his or her purchase journey these various phases. Copywriting can complete this loop, right from educating the audience about the existence of the product to making it a ‘must-have’ for the consumer.

Professional Expertise – Copywriters are professionals who understand the nuances of their trade.

By hiring a professional, you let your business concentrate on its core competencies while experts take care of the advertising bit. Their crisp and articulate copy explains the product in a literally or visually appealing manner that directly talks to the customer.

Being a professional creation, good copywriting material finds its audience, grasps their attention, makes the product relevant to them, and exits with an effective call to action.

Do note that all this is often achieved within a stringent time and space constraint.

Financial advantage – While all the above reasons directly increase the sales and presence of the brand, copywriting offers financial advantages on its own as well.

Hiring a quality copywriter is a result-oriented way of boosting your results. If you look at copywriting as an investment, you will not only get increased sales in return but also wider reach and brand recall.

copywriting increases sales, reach, brand recall

Copywriting makes it happen by being persuasive in its messaging without revealing too much salesmanship.

For example, much of the success of diamond industry pioneers De Beers is often attributed to its iconic slogan “A Diamond is Forever”. Thanks to the success of this copy, a luxury item like a diamond became a necessity for almost any aspiring marriage suitor.

This is a classic example of how for the price of a copy, a product ended up becoming acceptable among a wider and untapped audience base.

Making sure that copywriting works for you

For all the benefits that copywriting brings to your business, you have to direct the efforts in the right direction. The copywriting team should be able to grasp the core philosophy behind the business.

While they have the professional expertise, if you are the client, you can always oversee the creative development and provide constructive feedback.

You should ensure that your copy has the quality to influence the consumer’s perception and offer a perspective beyond the ordinary. At the same time, the business needs to see that the copy doesn’t rub the wrong side of the social psyche with controversial, offensive, or taboo materials.

By keeping the creative force of copywriting on the right track, a business can reap a resounding harvest from its campaigns.

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