#01 How HashTagMag is inspiring marketers to level up their career

Shared by Prita Roy

Do you believe the right contact with the right people at the right time can change your perspective, your thought process and leave a mark on your professional growth?

I do believe.

Because I have gone through a similar situation, though people curse 2020, it took many lives, pandemic almost paralyzed the global economy, but I shall always be thankful for this year.

I learned, discovered, and regrow in 2020.

How did I land here?

I joined the Nichmarketer group in 2020 though I couldn’t remember the month.

At the time, group admin Gowardhan Doddi sir asked the new members to introduce themselves about the profession and background.

I feel the connectivity established between the group and me. 

My curiosity level is relatively high, and there are many questions I posted frequently.

I got all the answers to my queries, expert advice, and suggestions tips.

Before the Nichemarketer group, I was not active in any such group and group activities.

But once I added, I noticed the group activities and admitted that this is the group I want to become a part of it. 

The most organized thing I noticed here is the group admin, moderator, and the members to help you get the correct answers for the right questions.

And everyone seems quite helpful to provide information on their respective field, suggest tips and guidance on what suits them best. 

An impressive group with lots of activities!

I have asked lots of questions regarding my profession.

And, surprisingly, experts of various fields engage in the comment section and feed me relevant information.

There’s no leg-pulling or showing any disrespect to other members, and everyone maintains the dignity level irrespective of professional differences. 

My review will be incomplete if I do not mention the #Hashtagmag live sessions on various industry trendy topics. Those sessions are a treasure trove for any learner and explorer who is thriving to get practical insights.

I have attended almost all the live sessions after joining, and every time I found in-depth knowledge sharing and how the experts apply their knowledge to get things done.

Hashtagmag session.. a doorway to practical knowledge!

 #Hashtagmag live sessions motivate the newcomers and help those who got stuck somewhere and cannot find the way out.

Questions and answers round has provided all the queries of the live watchers. 

The exciting fact is members can join the session through Facebook live and kill their queries.

This active and live group is helpful for beginners and advanced professionals too.

If one is serious about their learning process, they can gain lots of benefits from this group.

They maintain the same discipline and systematic approach in the Whatsapp group too.

There are two whatsapp groups, and both are highly engaged in knowledge sharing.

Group admin Gowardhan Doddy sir and his team maintain the group activities on Facebook and Whatsapp with well-ordered. 

And the good news is the group is consistently growing. Every month new members are added, and the admin warmly welcomes them by asking for their introduction.

New members and old members benefit from the group activities and ask every member to contribute their knowledge sharing part to make the activity more engaging.

My working experience with the content marketer!

I have worked with the content marketer of this group Sk Rafiqul Islam and my experience working with him is highly rewarding in terms of knowledge gaining.

I have learned the insights of content writing and how to come up with details while drafting content.

My long-form content writing journey has started with him. I’m incredibly grateful to him for showing me systematic knowledge about the writing industry.

I must say that the group admin, Gowardhan Doddy (Founder of HashTagMag), and his curiosity level drives him to explore more about any industry. Whenever he organizes live sessions, listens to what he doesn’t know, and shares the knowledge of what he has.

Every time I interact with him, I find a man of action yet humble personality.

A Thanksgiving Note!

I feel privileged to be a part of this group. 

Again, I’m thankful to the group admin for placing my name in the top 2020 members in Nichmarketer group magazine.

Though I stand for asking useful questions and it gives me sheer joy.

I wish all the members and the team Nichemarketer group good luck for the group’s prosperity.

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