Powerful Tips To Get Clients using Google Ads, Search Ads, Display Network, and YouTube Ads

Get clients using google ads

You’ve probably tried that already. Some of you might have tried it with mixed experience: from no or little success to tons of leads and orders that are hard to fulfil. In either case, it’s probably your processes and systems that failed. And not the ads platform itself. There is a reason why I chose … Read more

What is Google Ads Targeting and how to improve it?

google ads targeting

Starting a campaign is easy but reaching to your audience is a real challenge in every campaign. In this blog post, you’ll learn how to do Google ads targeting and ways to improve it. Have you given deep thought about it? Google Ads is one of the strongest marketing platforms that allow you to target … Read more

[2020] Guide To Google Ads AUTOMATION TO Save You Time

Back in the day, when Google was the only platform advertisers resorted to, it made sense to check the ad account each day or even a couple of times a day, analyse each keyword/ad and make decisions whether to retain them or let them go. With the increasing scope of Digital Marketing platforms and with … Read more



Understnding Google ads life cycle is pretty important, especially for PPC advertisement. But before we dive right into it let’s begin with some PPC basics. PPC, one-of-the marketing channel in Digital Marketing, where advertisers pay a given amount when a user clicks on the ads displayed online, hence the name “Pay-per-Click” or “Cost-per-Click.” Many do … Read more