The Mindset of A real Estate marketer

I'm not going to bore you with giving the latest Gyan on the marketing platforms, tips & tricks for succeeding in real estate.

I've done that already earlier this month on a hashtagmag live session. Feel free to jump there if you want that information.

Here, I will share some light on the mindset you must carry if you want to succeed as a marketer. Please note that this is in no way a bible that you must follow.

Whatever I share in this essay has helped me achieve some degree of success and has kept me comfortably in a space where my services are desirable by many in my industry.

Without any adieu, let's begin with thinking SOLUTIONS. Having a solutions mindset is especially important if you want to get that early success for your clients.

Note that you'll seldom get clients who haven't tried digital before approaching you in today's age.

The fact that they want to work with you should make it clear to you that they have identified some problems or gaps in their current marketing processes that they need help with.

Most of the time, this would sound like "Low Cost Per Lead," "Better Quality Leads," "Leads in more Quantity," "Leads that are Better Qualified," "Leads that Close."

As a marketer, you must see through these sounds and penetrate to find the real problem. Once you've identified the problem at its core, all your energies must be spent on building a solution to that problem.

In my experience, this has always delivered that early success that has helped WOW my clients.

Early success is good, but the tricky part is to sustain it over more extended periods. OPTIMIZATION is the name of the game.

Having a constant watch on your efforts and continuously optimizing them will help you keep on top of your game.

I've seen many get complacent over the time when they've tasted early success. In fact, early success must always be looked at as proof of concept.

You only succeed when you can sustain quality over more extended periods.

In your lifetime as a marketer, how many times have you experienced a campaign or a platform getting saturated? If you are seasoned, the answer would be MANY.

If this is the case, how will we consistently sustain the best performances over more prolonged periods?


Unless you keep experimenting with new platforms, strategies, creatives, targeting, it's impossible to sustain success over more extended periods.

The internet is filled with gazillion videos & blogs teaching you the best tricks and tips. The ones that are tried and tested. The ones that are most probably saturated.

As a marketer, it's your responsibility to venture into unchartered territory. Innovate.

Unless you go in search of the unknown, you'll be treated with the same predictable results.

Fear mediocrity; keep experimenting.

This brings me to GROWTH.

Suppose you embrace experimenting over more extended periods. You'll build a GROWTH mindset.

Growth, in my opinion, is a state of mind.

Once you've achieved this state of mind, success becomes a natural component in your armor.

A classic example of having a growth mindset is when you adapt across geographies, industries, sectors.

If something works well in the ecom space, how do you integrate it into your real estate campaigns? If somethings working for the financial industry, how'd you bring it to retail?

Think beyond boundaries. That's what growth is all about.

That is that—Solution, Optimization, Experimentation & Growth Mindset.

I hope you found this essay of mine helpful. Until next time 🙂

Gopal iyer

Real Estate Marketer

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Gopal Iyer Started as a Tele Sales Manager in Real Estate.Moved on to Frontline Sales and then to Marketing.
Lifelong Learner of Marketing & Sales Strategies.

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